Gabby Fernandez (she/her)

Gabby Fernandez (she/her)

Clinical Intern

Fees: $50 per session

I utilize a Pay-What-You-Can model for our fees. My standard fee is $50, but I am happy to have a conversation about what is feasible for you; no questions asked. I do not require any documentation or proof of income to qualify for a lower fee.

I am currently out of network with insurance plans.


**To book an appointment with Gabby, please call our phone number 252-220-0420 or send an email to **

Waking up each day to feel the weight of society’s expectations on your shoulders is overwhelming. There are times where you begin to wonder where you belong and if there is a place you can really be yourself. You were never given the opportunity to discover your true self and now you’re wondering who the hell you really are! So many aspects of how you were raised and the things you experienced are holding onto you and keeping you from embracing new paths in your life. At times, it can be lonely navigating life while finding yourself, unlearning toxic beliefs, and learning to love the person you’re meant to be.

But life is a journey! You deserve to wake up excited for the day and all of its possibilities. You are worthy of taking the time to stop and find yourself and discover who you want to be. It’s okay to acknowledge where you came from and the events that shaped you while also striving for a different path. It’s okay to question the ideals you grew up with and it’s okay to challenge the ones you feel don’t fit with who you want to be now! This is your life and you deserve to be in control of it.

If any of that describes how you’re currently feeling, I would love to join you on your journey to self discovery. Finding yourself and your place in life can be challenging work but you do not have to do it alone. If you feel you’re ready to begin the journey, I am here to walk with you!

How is your relationship with yourself? 

I am a clinical mental health counseling intern in the Summer and Fall of 2023. I am currently completing my Master’s of Clinical Mental Health Counseling from East Carolina University.  Prior to pursuing my master’s, I have worked as a teacher for many years in the North Carolina school system and am currently a middle school teacher during the day.